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Antony J Stowers

I was born in a modest working class home in a small post-industrial railway town in north east England called Darlington in 1963 and left school with almost no qualifications a month before Margaret Thatcher came into office as PM in 1979. As a 'writer' I've had no formal training - when I was 18 and decided this was what I was going to do: write and act and create events and happenings. I dedicated myself to this re-education for the next few years. I went back to college and got myself qualifications relevant to my goals and crowned all this with a teaching degree from Nantes University in France (where I have lived since 2006). From 1985-1988 l studied as an actor at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and lived in London and travelled internationally for a further 8 years. From 1996-2006 I ran two professional theatre arts companies in north east England as producer/director/wrfiter/actor, employing many actors. I now have 33 good theatre plays and one feature-length film script spread through five volumes and 20 books, one in French. My entire life from birth to very recent times has been recorded in books, plays and poems in one way or another.