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Image of Author Armelle Perben - Expert in dual career expat couples

Armelle Perben - Expert in dual career expat couples

Expat spouse in 7 countries, Armelle Perben created Absolutely French, in Paris, in 2012, a French school, integration center and well-being of accompanying spouses and the development of their full potential. She created an innovative method to learn French including cultural aspects, useful places to know, French history and through activities. She defends the "learning by doing" teaching method, and the immersion in the language to be autonoumous quickly. Absolutely French is a B to B services, and they integrate expat partners and expatriates from international companies since 10 years. Armelle Perben, as an expert in dual career expat couples, trusts that every expat partner is a talent, and needs to find his own path (family, training, job...). In 2021, in order to foster the dual career of impatriate couples, she launched Absolutely Talented, the first career fair to connect recruiters and international spouse talents. In this book, Armelle Perben wants to show that support for dual career in expatriation is now a necessity for all companies : 61% said that dual career and partnership issues were becoming more important to their organization(Permits Foundation survey 2022). She interviewed many companies that testify to what they have already put in place and she gives tools to favorize easily dual career in expatriation.