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elizaBeth Benson

It was here, on that I first learned to publish, write for an audience, and create eclectic anthologies that allowed over 50 writers to see themselves in published print, some for the first time. I also grieved my father, got a mid-life divorce, and published my blog in a blook form every six months. Over the crazy, one-book-a-month year, I discovered 50 new writers, edited & published ten volumes in the launch year of this community building press AND earned a master's degree in Transformative Art. These books are a mishmash of all that--a crazy year full of all the mistakes required when breaking open & changing a life. I've learned a great deal since these early works. If you're a red pen kind of person, you'll be busy writing in the margins and correcting all that didn't get fixed back then when publishing was a life line. Now I run a business consultancy & offer a ghostwriting service that helps people put their words in the world.