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Image of Author Maritime Historian Baylus C. Brooks

Maritime Historian Baylus C. Brooks

Poseidon Historical Research & Publishing is a professional historical research publisher, specializing in maritime & colonial history, archaeological and paper conservation, with expertise in science and history. Poseidon published a variety of books, including the historical fiction novel, Heirloom: Fountain of Hope, a time-travel adventure based in St. Augustine, Florida; still, we concentrate on non-fiction such as Pirates & Slaves, Captain James Wimble, Brunswick Town & Wilmington. Poseidon featured several books on piracy, including one book re-evaluating the life of Edward Thache, titled "Quest for Blackbeard: The True Story of Edward Thache and His World! Another explores the misadventures of five rogues attempting to recapture the fame of Henry Avery in the East Indies. Most recently, Poseidon announced the "Dictionary of Pyrate Biography," including biographies of over 725 pirates and their victims.