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Bill Weber

Bill is an award-winning artist, writer, and inventor who is committed to building a better world. He was privileged to be mentored by Marvin Hamlisch, Shari Lewis, and John Burstein (known as Slim Goodbody). He is the author of three children's books and holds a patent for a promotional picnic basket. His Broadway credits include work on the musicals Smile, Jean Seberg, and That's Not Tango. In film, Bill has designed for I'll Be Next Door for Christmas (the first investment crowd-funded movie in the U.S.), Avocado, and The Happy Side. For TV, Bill was Executive Producer for Music City Tonight's Salute to Children's Entertainment. After studying art and architecture at Parsons School of Design, he began his career in publishing, rising to become the publisher of magazines in the parenting, entertainment and advertising industries. He is the former president of the American Academy of Children's Entertainment, and holds leadership roles in the L.A. Children's Media Association, the L.A. Guild of Puppetry, and Screenwriters and Actors of Hollywood.