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Image of Author Book on the Origin of Chinese Characters

Book on the Origin of Chinese Characters

Binka Nikolić lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. In her quest to get to know the world better, she traveled all over and visited more than 50 countries. She has also lived, studied, and worked in several major cities: New York (USA), Madrid (Spain), Florence (Italy), and Tianjin (China). She picked up a few foreign words here and there and obtained an education from different continents: from New York City a Master’s in Arts, from Belgrade a Master’s in Geology and Geography, and from Florence a Master’s in Interior Decorating. In Tianjin she took Chinese lessons at the Tianjin Normal University. Due to the epidemic she had to discontinue the studies at the school, but she didn’t give up on learning Chinese language. This book was written as a self-taught approach to learning the Chinese language; she hopes other people can find this fun method useful. The majority of information presented here comes from her studies in Tianjin, books, discussions with her Chinese colleagues and confirmed Internet sources. The words, characters, and expressions used as examples have been verified by Ruan Jian - 攭ⷹ. Ruan Jian is a Beijing-based translator who obtained a BA from the Beijing Language and Culture University, majored in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and has an MBA degree from Rutgers University, USA.