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Ceara Comeau

Ceara Comeau hails from New Hampshire and has been writing for sixteen years. Her writing career began with self-publishing collections of short stories which later turned into full length novels. Up until her early twenties, she had published six books. It was at this time that the young author dove into the world of science fantasy beginning a new adventure. It was then that she decided to take a series she worked hard on developing years ago and rewrite it. It first started out as an eight book novella series, then to a trilogy, and then it turned into one book, "Memories of Chronosalis". This book invites the reader to get a glimpse at one of the solar systems in the universe that she's creating. It also received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. Following this she wrote, "A Scientist's Remorse" which is a history of the characters introduced in "Memories of Chronosalis". "The Knight of Two Realms" is the first book of her trilogy "Heroes of Avalon". It is the launching point that introduces the main villains of the Chronosalis Universe. The second book, "The King's Redemption", has recently been released.