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Natasha Kaplan

My name is Natasha Kaplan. I'm in 8th grade and live in California. My hobbies include writing poetry, riding horses, rock climbing, skiing, and reading. My favorite books include The Hunger Games series, The Twilight Sage, Riding Freedom, The Giver, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Harry Potter series. I am very interested in philosophy because its different world views. I think every idea, every thought can be related back to philosophy, in particular Heraclitus and Parmenides. I'm also very interested in math and I think math is logic and can be used to explain almost everything this world has to offer. In essence, I believe that math and philosophy rule the world, each in their own way. I love listening to music, especially Taylor Swift. I like her songs because their meaning full and aren't that pointless pop thats on the radio 24/7. Her music is deep, meaning full and combines pop with country which I really like. Country music reminds me of horses who are a part of me.