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Jack Bragen

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY MY BOOKS JACK BRAGEN Whether you'd like to be entertained by highly unusual and very good collections of fiction, or if you'd like to become more informed and inspired concerning living with awful mental illness, a group of debilitating and life-changing diseases that affect the brain, I have something for you to read. I am not an amateur author using LULU as a "vanity press." I've been published in more than a dozen publications, and I've been published hundreds of times. I see self-publishing as a way to market unconventional writings on which most book companies would shy away from perceived risk. I write a weekly column in the Berkeley Daily Planet, have been doing this for the past seven years almost without interruption, and I am a frequent contributor to the Street Spirit Newspaper, with over a hundred published pieces there over the past fifteen years. I have also written for Bewildering Stories, Daily Science Fiction, and others.