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Briana Blair

Briana Blair is an ordained minister and Doctor of Metaphysics. She is also a writer and artist, and combines her varying skills within both her writing and artwork. As a writer, Briana has written over 400 poems, more than 400 articles, produced a horror/sci-fi novel at age 13, has one published how-to book (As well as several art and poetry books) and is in the process of writing a series of self-help spiritually oriented books. She has expanded her writing from just fiction and how-to and is now writing op-ed, erotica and other pieces. As an artist she has produced thousands of pieces of digital art, along with jewelry, sculpture, traditional art and various other crafts. She currently produces art for two Zazzle shops, Mandala Magic and Blair Peacock Creations. Briana is a firm believer in the idea "Get a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life". She believes that everyone should balance work with an enjoyment for life.