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Bruce Marsland

Bruce Marsland is the author and editor of several works on language teaching, most notably Lessons from Nothing: Activities For Language Teaching With Limited Time And Resources (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers). Born and raised in the United Kingdom, he has also worked in Finland and Bulgaria. He currently lives in San Diego, California, doing business as an editor and writer. Online, his travel writing has appeared in GoNOMAD, and his poetry has appeared in Rat's Ass Review, Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine, Page & Spine, and Sixfold, among others. He has performed at ‘Poetry & Jazz’ in Helsinki, Finland. He has been a winner of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly poetry competition (2016), shortlisted for the Hammond House international literary prize (2017), and a runner-up in the Prole Laureate poetry competition (2018, 2020).