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Camilet Cooray

INTRODUCTION Over a period of 3 decades, I was holding various medium and senior level management positions, both in government and private sector organizations. I have exposed to many work environments of many countries like UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. In my tenture, I have met various personnels with diversified management techniques and experiences, some that works like magic some not. During this term, I, myself learned from other and gained lots of knowledge. At the same time mainly by reading and learning and applying those principles into practice by me. By doing so improved to be a business owner myself. On a special request by dear darling children, my son - Dilshan Nalaka, and my daughters - Shyami Thamasha and Dilki Nathasha, to share my experience on management, to help their Business Administration Studies, I decided to look back to my notes and text. With a very special request from the most important person – Lerma Penaranda, I decided to compile those finding into