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Cash Pawley

Cash Pawley was born in Tampa, Florida in 1970. After graduating High School at 17, he felt a strong calling to enter the Marine Corps. After the Marines, he worked mostly in Restaurant Management for the next 12 years. He married in 1993 and had one son. He Divorced after 5 years of marriage and later remarried in 2005. After his first divorce, Cash traveled throughout the Country and the World gaining insight to many different types of people and a look inside of worlds he never knew even existed. He moved to places and took jobs that he never would have normally dreamed of; in order to study many different types of people and the lives around them. He began writing his first book (Pray For Death) in 2003 and published it in 2007. He is currently writing 2 sequels to Pray For Death and several other novels. Although his books are fictional, many of the characters and events portrayed, are based on people and events in his history.