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Former "top ten worldwide" professional racing driver and Ferrari dealer; "lost it all" in bankruptcy, divorce and mental breakdown in June 1974, then met Swami ("Baba") Muktananda in December 1974, and Werner Erhard in 1978 and was a member of his staff for several months; studied with both Werner's and Baba's disciplines for many years,also completing much course work with Dr. Fernando Flores ("Logonet") as well as at Landmark Education, an offshoot of Erhard's teachings. Hayes then met the living Advaita Sage Wayne Liquorman in 2002, also learned "Ishayas' Ascension" in 2002; met spiritual author/teacher John Wheeler (Santa Cruz, CA) in 2004, teachers and authors 'Sailor' Bob Adamson (Melbourne, Australia) & John Greven (Enid, OK) in 2005. All pointed out the obviousness of Presence-Awareness and the nonexistence of any "separate me" with "ruthless love and compassion." Great good fortune!