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Christian Amauger

With 15 years devoted to web development and strategic project management, I've led cross-functional teams to success. Proficient in Vue.js, React, Angular, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and Sass, my tech journey began in front-end development. I prioritize UI/UX design for performance, accessibility, and responsiveness. I mentor developers and foster growth within teams, combining project management with adaptability in Agile environments. My RPG passion spans three decades, from Tunnels & Trolls to Dungeons & Dragons, exploring diverse universes like Rolemaster and Vampire: The Masquerade. RPGs reflect my career's demands for imagination, strategy, and teamwork. Returning to active role-playing reignited nostalgia and highlighted subcultures' importance. RPGs are more than entertainment; they delve into time, relationships, and self-discovery. Venturing into writing RPG scenarios, including "You are in a tavern," allowed me to craft narratives, develop characters, and embrace player interaction. This creative endeavor expanded my horizons and contributed to the RPG community.