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Christopher Meek

Christopher grew up in Midland, located in West Texas. Melody grew up in Midlothian, Texas. While attending Christ For the Nations Institute (a Bible college in Dallas, Texas), Christopher & Melody met each other within their first semester. After three years, they graduated from the Advance School of Worship & Technical Arts with their Associates Degree in Practical Ministry, Minor in Music, & License to Preach from the Fellowship of Ministers & Churches. Later, Christopher & Melody both received their Ordination as licensed ministers. Christopher & Melody were married on December 3, 2010. In 2015, Christopher & Melody moved from Texas to Oklahoma in obedience to God's calling on their lives. Christopher has been serving his local church as a full-time Kid's Pastor since mid 2011. On the side, he dresses up for birthday parties, school assemblies, or camps as Spiderman! He enjoys writing books, training up new leaders for the Kid's Ministry, and spending time with his family