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C-SAP Administration

From 2000 - 2011 C-SAP, Higher Education Academy Subject Network for Sociology, Anthropology, Politics, supported teaching and learning within our subject areas, and sought to improve the student learning experience. Activities included a very successful annual tranche of mini-projects, as well as a series of events and workshops led by our subject academic co-ordinators and C-SAP Associates. Beyond the close of C-SAP activities at the end of 2011, the Lulu service ensures that there is a sustainable method of disseminating our published works. All of the publications on our Lulu storefront are free to download and print copies are royalty-free. As well as a number of standalone publications, the C-SAP catalogue includes our successful series of monographs and the five issues of Why Social Science Matters (WSSM), a series that provided a space to explore a range of ideas, through the lens of social sciences learning and teaching.