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colin knibb

Hi, the publications here are not all my own work, although the formatting, presentation and some editing has been all down to my own effort. The collection of fiction and verse I’ve written has grown over the years with being the main distributor. Having been an avid reader in the past, I had always enjoyed the escapism, and yet informative way that fiction can be used to portray those life enhancing moments. I’ve written a variety of works from short stories to epic length novels. I’ve assisted in the layouts and graphics of children’s books, non-fiction books, even an autobiography. As to writing verse, I use it as a simple diversion that helps to create new realms of imagination while writing my novels. I’m not in any way a student of poetry and as to the complication of unstressed-stressed syllables, iamb, trochee, dactyl, or Greek terminology describing Metrical feet, well it all just leaves me somewhat bewildered. I hope you enjoy what is on offer.