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Dan Antion

Dan Antion was born outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up and attended college in the area around western Pennsylvania. Dan has written and published the popular No Facilities blog since 2011. A lifelong interest in writing became a reality after he retired from a successful 42-year-long career in information management. Dan lives in Connecticut with his wife, a few pets and all the wildlife they can feed. ===================== The Dreamer's Alliance series chronicles the challenges and dangers faced by Zachary Amstead and William Terrance, two men who have been gifted with and plagued by paranormal abilities. From their struggle to understand and control these powers through their battles with the attempts of corrupt authorities to either exploit their powers or eliminate them. ---- Set in western Pennsylvania, in and around the city of Pittsburgh, the first three books in this series play out over the course of five months. “Knuckleheads” literally takes place in one long day, as Zach walks his daughter, Abbie, through his childhood, where his and Billy’s strange and often dangerous abilities emerged, and their friendship formed. -------- In “The Evil You Choose,” Zach is forced to choose between helping a corrupt FBI agent, or a leader of an organized crime family. In order to bring an end to what he fears will be continuing exploitation, Zach enlists Billy’s help. He must also prevent the FBI from discovering Billy. --------- “When Evil Chooses You” P