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Dawna Anne Cosme

Dawna Anne Cosme is a Truth-telling, Noetic, Claircognizant Intuitive, Soul Guide & Consciousness Author, for both Adults and Children. Dawna is a Spiritual Adept, who writes program/spell-breaking books, embedded with vibrational frequencies, to energetically uplift and imprint onto the reader, shifting their life force into a higher order. In a nutshell, Dawna helps free people from mental prisons. Dawna made an author appearance at several Holistic shops in Massachusetts in 2011 and 2012. Dawna's growing list of books include Mind-Body-Spirit, Personal Growth, and Children's books to ®Help little conscious creators discover their Inner guru®. She is most well known for her debut book, Deliberate Consciousness: The Continuous Act of Renewal. She created a Self-Designed Masters Degree in Writing, majoring in Writing & Communications at Lesley University at Cambridge Massachusetts. She appears as an 'ageless beauty' in ESSENCE Magazine in print, and online at the popular platform youtube. Her heart calls her to continue creating elevating content, shining her Light so others may embrace theirs. You are invited to connect with Dawna, aka, DawnaCosmic via Social Media. BREAK PROGRAM The DawnaCosmic Podcast Have fun navigating the Aether....Dawna