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Deborah Lagarde

Born on Long Island in 1952, I shortly began writing stories about characters I made up or were inspired, a school clique of sorts, that later morphed into a rock and roll band after I played some guitar in some basement-type band in the late 1960s. This and my love of the rock music genre were my main connections to fellow teenagers. Yet writing not playing guitar was my thing. After finding my life path and getting married in the early 80s and then having children, by the1990s I began to put my novels together. The first self-published printed novel was called "Battle of the Band" which begins The Prodigal Band Trilogy, published in 1996. In 1998 came the second novel, "The Prophesied Band." After home schooling my children and then retiring from an office manager job, I completed the trilogy with the PDF novel, "The Prodigal Band." The "three-in-one" Prodigal Band Trilogy is my effort to reach anyone, with printed book as well. My self-publishing site is