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Bryan Irving

"Gethsemane Games" is the trading name of author and games designer Bryan F Irving. Gethsemane Games produces RPGs and wargames in several genres, including SF, horror and Fantasy. Our games have some content which may not be suitable for under 14s. Our Aim We aim to provide a high quality, interesting and above all entertaining gaming experience for our customers. We wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't play ourselves. People All games produced by Gethsemane Games are conceived and written by Bryan F Irving, BSc (Hons) and by M.R. McGowan. All of our games are extensively playtested. We would like to thank all of our playtesters, including, but not limited to:- Graham James, Sharon Stephenson, Brian Longstaff, Andrew Farbridge, Paul Rundle, Beverley Gardiner, Alan Mather, David Stewart, Neil Heron, Darren Lawley, Peter Robinson, Chris Cartwright, Laura Moore, Johno Moore, Steven Clark, Marie McGowan-Irving, Tia Murdy