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Diane Judith Adderley

Di is one of three editors (with Ron Wiener and Kate Kirk) of 'Sociodrama in a Changing World', a round-the-globe look at examples of the work of sociodramatists across the continents. She is a Senior Trainer at MPV/SAM (Sociodrama and Action Methods Training) in the UK, as well as being a life coach, psychotherapist, organisational trainer and professional actor working in the corporate field to develop management, leadership and human communications skills. Sociodrama is a method of experiential group facilitation based on the work of J.L. Moreno, using drama to problem-solve, manage conflict, explore group, social, organisational, community and global issues – it can also be lots of fun! Logo: Ken Sprague - The Parable of the Fishes: Energy and Co-operation