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Sarah Tinsley

Sarah's books (each in print & e-book): 1) 1001 FAVORITE BIBLE VERSES 2) BIBLE IN A NUTSHELL 3) STUDY GUIDE (use with BIBLE IN A NUTSHELL) 4) DAILY DEVOTIONAL VERSION (also large print & hardback) 5) INSTANT BIBLE PLAYS, JUST ADD KIDS! 6) HEARTS TOUCHING HEARTS 7) CRYING ANGELS, SPIRITUAL REALITY STORIES Sarah's purpose for writing is to help others know God better through His Word and through ministry to others. After graduating from Southeastern and Southwestern Seminaries, Sarah wrote a unique Bible outline summary to help the reader more simply grasp the key highlights and verses of the Bible...thus began her first books, the BIBLE IN A NUTSHELL series (see her new edition, study guide, daily devotional version, and 1001 favorite verses). Sarah's work in churches & nursing homes has inspired her books: INSTANT BIBLE PLAYS--JUST ADD KIDS, & HEARTS TOUCHING HEARTS--NURSING HOME MINISTRY. Easily adapt Sarah's books into your own life and ministry.