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Neil Gale

Dr. Neil Gale is an historian, specializing in Illinois history. He not only enjoys learning about Illinois history, but also has a passion for presenting and preserving the stories and photographs that make Illinois' history come alive. In 2012, he started the very popular Facebook group "Living History of Illinois and Chicago®.” To make Illinois history more accessible to the general public, Dr. Gale created the “Digital Research Library of Illinois History®.” His original goal was to help students statewide with their research for Illinois History Fair projects by making available hundreds of old and antique Illinois history books, in searchable PDF format, easily accessible on one website. The next step in Dr. Gale’s philosophy, ‘Saving Illinois History, One Story at a Time,’ was to merge the style of Facebook and Library. He created the “Digital Research Library of Illinois History Journal™,” a perfect marriage. Hopefully, Dr. Gale’s love of history is infectious.