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E. J. Lashlee

Jay Lashlee is a professional Trustee serving clients since 1973. He has owned and managed many businesses over the years and invested primarily in real estate. He served as a Specialist in the U.S. Army during and between studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He became a licensed Real Estate Broker in 1970, managed Jack Matthews & Company, which later evolved into Americana Realty; the largest realty in Nevada. As a real estate venture, he bought the historic Daydream Guest Ranch in 1977, then developed the steakhouse, casino, saloon, rodeo facilities, expanded the Guest Resort, and held events holding up to 17,000 people. He has strong ties to his children, wife, friends, and long-term business associates. He values their relationships, quest for success, and their happiness. Contact: TRUSTEE SERVICES E.J. Lashlee C/O Trustee 668 N. PCH #400 LB, CA 92651 Message Phone: 949-497-3600 Message Email: [email protected] Related Links: