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David A. Green

Welcome to my website. I want to begin by saying thank you to all of my loyal fans for their support in purchasing and reading my books. Many of you have submitted endorsements for my most recent novels, some of which have appeared on my website. I am very encouraged by your continual interest in my writings as I shall, with the help of God, endeavor to spread the gospel of the kingdom with the gift He has bestowed upon me. I am the published author of several books, books that are enjoyed by readers of all ages. In addition to these works, I am also an ordained minister with the Gospel Spreading Church of God in the Commonwealth of Virginia and I will be sharing with you encouraging sermons inspired by God that will motivate you in the right direction. After serving as assistant pastor and radio evangelist for the Gospel Spreading Churches of God in Hampton and Newport News Virginia, I reside in Hampton Virginia where I continue to write for pleasure and encouragemen