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Eloise De Sousa

Eloise was born in Zimbabwe, Africa. After emigrating to the United Kingdom with her husband over twenty years ago, she settled down in the Berkshire countryside to raise her four children, four cats and dog whilst writing her first series of children's stories and crime thrillers. Now saying good-bye to her role as School Librarian and Specialist Literacy Teaching Assistant, Eloise is embarking on a new adventure. Her enthusiasm for teaching others to find their own creative voice and helping to build the confidence required to share those stories has encouraged her to start a mentoring service for novice writers, as well as writing workshops for all ages. For updates on Eloise's books, visit (Bookings for the EDS Writing Workshops or EDS Mentoring Service can be found on her website.) Contact her at: eloisedesousa at Follow her blog at Facebook: Twitter: @mello_elo.