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Sophia Von Sawilski

Use Frequency publications to develop your skill of critical reading and analysis. Frequency publications at aim to empower in how to better understand and appropriately respond to texts, through strategic vigorous questioning. Explore texts with a view to gain confidence when engaging strategically with these texts. Use these texts to help you further develop your critical reading and analysis skills. Designed with a view to promote better understanding of and appropriate responses to quality texts. Welcome to your choice of lessons with Miss Von, Author of Frequency Workbooks and Study Guides. Join and help build our Community of Literacy Advocates, by using these interactive E-learning packages designed for easy use by Educators, Practitioners and Students. Use those activities to explore texts and have a positive impact, with a view to raising the levels of literacy for those whom you influence. Like my Facebook page and Google Community TutorChamps. Ponder how to lift literacy skills . Join in to get some breakthroughs, for yourself, your family and friends. Also available quirky humorous narratives you could enjoy at your leisure.