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Richard Jackman

A lawyer by education, an entrepreneur by trade, a peacemaker by Sacred Contract, and a writer by inspiration, he now travels his life's journey sharing what he describes as 'Energy Speak'. This is a new vocabulary based upon the understanding that all of life is energy, and all consequences flowing from it, the good, bad and ugly, are manifest from this source. Believing that anyone who knows the rules and principles of energy is truly the captain of his or her own destiny, Richard shares his discoveries within this eclectic gathering of stories, personal experiences and scientific observation. Along with Julie Desmarais, they travel into the energy fields of their friends and clients, interpreting events that most conclude are driven by fate. Instead they discover that our personal programming is the GPS for most human experience. What is left is an encounter with the magic and miracles that await those who step into their soul's contract and play with the mind of the Universe.