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Image of Author Erin Lake - Author of the Dry. Journals

Erin Lake - Author of the Dry. Journals

Erin has struggled with addiction since his teenage years. After struggling to recover for years, he finally got sober in 2016. Erin has done recovery a bit differently than most. He didn’t attend meetings or do step work. Instead, he stayed positive and focused on the fact that he was changing his life and himself for the better. He does acknowledge that he wouldn’t be where he is now if he didn’t have the support of two friends who were also starting their sobriety journeys around the same time. The first year of his recovery was extremely challenging and having their support really helped him through. He created the brand Dry. for the many others who do recovery a little differently than most. He decided to create prompt journals that fit anyone in recovery. Regardless of their addiction and how they stay on their recovery journey. Whether you attend meetings or not, Dry. is a place for everyone who struggles with addiction. An inclusive brand and system that doesn’t put your recovery in a box. It’s something that he says he wishes he had when he got sober. Erin hopes that these journals and the Dry. community help as many people struggling with addiction as possible.