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Erwin Muilwijk

Erwin Muilwijk is an amateur military historian specialising in the 1815 Waterloo campaign, with a main interest in the Netherlands field army during this period. Besides publishing books he has also written various articles on this subject, published in the military history magazines First Empire and Mars et Historia. These are online available for free consulation at his Academia page. Subjects range from the 3rd Division at Waterloo to the horse artillery, saving the Prince of Orange's life at Waterloo and the framing role of historical art, and research into musketball wounds of Netherlands veterans in the 1815 campaign. He has also contributed dozens of English translations of memoirs, letters, etc., from Netherlands veterans for publication in primary source books, published by 1815 Limited, and Gareth Glover for his "Waterloo Archive" series. Erwin Muilwijk was born in 1968 and lives in The Netherlands, close to Rotterdam and The Hague. He is both a graduated librarian and merchant navy officer, and currently works as technical co-ordinator for a worldwide crane company. In the press our publications of Sovereign House Books are noticed both in the Dutch and foreign press, as well as the worldwide social media.