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Image of Author Dr. Silvia Casabianca, MA, LMHC

Dr. Silvia Casabianca, MA, LMHC

Dr. Silvia Casabianca most recent book is HEARTMINDED: CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION FROM FEAR TO SOLIDARITY (In Spanish, Homo Amandi: Evolución Consciente del Miedo a la Solidaridad). She also published Regaining Body Wisdom: A multidimensional Approach (2008), among other books both in both English and Spanish. She graduated as a Medical doctor in 1972 and practiced Medicine in her country of origin, Colombia, for 20+ years (as a community doctor first and then as a psychotherapist). While working closely with underprivileged communities, she learned how fundamental lifestyle is, and especially nutrition, to maintain optimal health. She has a Master in Art Therapy (1992) from Concordia University (Canada). She ran the Fundación para el Desarrollo del Joven (Fundeijoven) and its Carpe Diem school in Cartagena. As a professor at the University of Cartagena's School of Medicine, she promoted health education, family health and complementary and alternative medicine. She also got a degree as a Doctor of Education (EdD) with a specialization in Organizational Leadership from Nova SE University in 2022. She funded and ran the Eyes Wide Open Holistic Center in Bonita Springs, FL, for almost 10 years and still has a private practice as a holistic psychotherapist in Naples, FL. She is involved with the Roots of Compassion and Kindness Center at FGCU where she has been the Chair of the Advisory Board and has taught about Compassionate Parenting to college students.