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Image of Author Fathers of Lutheran Orthodoxy

Fathers of Lutheran Orthodoxy

I am a Lutheran who would like to see the great works of Lutheranism returned to the bookshelves of the faithful. My main project on Lulu is the "Fathers of Lutheran Orthodoxy" series, which aims to republish public domain texts that are out of print, although I also publish some other titles outside of the series. For too long, the literary works of Lutheran Orthodoxy and beyond have remained locked away as cumbersome PDFs in gigantic databases, as dusty volumes in select rare book libraries, or as expensive collector's items. The goal of the series "Fathers of Lutheran Orthodoxy" is to make it possible for all to purchase and own their very own copies of these public domain Lutheran works which have been neglected for centuries. Although this series focuses on bringing original works of the era of Lutheran Orthodoxy back into the light, it also includes some more modern works of the 19th and 20th centuries which are also in the public domain. Please go to the "Fathers of Lutheran Orthodoxy" Facebook page linked below for any questions, requests, comments, or mistakes that need to be corrected. The page also has updates of new publications, picture samples of my publications, and also a list of Lutheran Orthodox resources from other publishers.