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Pearl Howie

I’m Pearl. When I came up with the concept of Pearl Escapes, as well as the escape in a box, my goal was to share all of the wonderful things I was discovering, especially spas, with everyone around the world. At the time I gave myself the tongue in cheek title of Explorer-in-Chief, and it stuck. Over the 11 years since then, I realised that I was really sharing healing, I’ve tried over 500 types, and my 2019 book on healing is, I believe, the most complete guide to forms of healing in the world. Ultimately what I do is simply to help people feel alive and, although this path challenges me at times, I have the greatest reward for doing this; whenever I get lost and stop following the beat of my own drum – whenever I start trying to be someone that I’m not, the universe puts me, one way or another, back on my path and makes me feel alive again. Please do check out all the books I’ve written as I really hope, especially in the healing guide, that there is something there for every single person around the world who is hurting, healing or just comfortably numb. I have learned, over the last eleven years, that whether we walk alone or dance at a convention, we heal together, because as any spiritual guru worth their salt will tell you – we are all connected. Buen camino! \|/ For more check out or follow me on Instagram @pearlescapes (I am on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but Instagram is home).