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Heidi Rand

Heidi Rand is a self-taught photographer and artist, dedicated to creating original and unique artwork with innovative techniques. Heidi uses her nature photographs and the designs she creates from them in her handmade mixed media arts and crafts pieces. She is an expert in printing directly on fabric and unusual surfaces such as lutradur, metal, and wood, and in using transfer techniques to get images onto any surface that won't fit through a printer. Interested in going beyond creating art that hangs on the wall in a frame, Heidi designs fabric for textiles and home decor, and loves to think of new ways, both utilitarian and fun, to use her images. Heidi has owned her business, Garden Delights Arts & Crafts, for more than five years, and shows and sells her work at galleries and online. Heidi loves to teach others to explore their own creativity and to use innovative techniques and products.