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Ivan Batiashvili

Dear reader! I am writing you, about the great discovery that will amaze the world and will be the subject for discussion for a long time. This is the secret technology of building the Great Egyptian Pyramids. As it is known, there is no version in this field which has sustained at least the elementary criticism. The technological map of building these giants made by me is based on exact, well known scientific laws and is so perfect that there is no reason for argument. It is the right technological succession according that the pyramids of Cheops, Khafre, Mykerinos and so called Sneferu were built. It is proved that the fourth dynasty Great Pyramids were built only with the hands of Ancient Egyptians by means of simple primitive technics but with such brilliant knowledge, that our civilisation is able to understand it only now. This is just amazing! Paradoxical truth in the book is the beginning of new era in our human consciousness… Ivan Jilda (Batiashvili)