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Glorious Raine

Glorious Raine is an Author, Artistic Creator and the owner of LYLT Expressions Creative Arts Company. She has over 25 years of experience working with children, teens, and young adults in several different capacities with a primary focus on the early childhood and Pre-school age groups. She holds two associate degrees: one in Early Childhood Administration and Management, and one in Organizational Management, both from Rio Salado Community College. As a creative being Glorious Raine's energy is spent primarily as an Author focusing on completing the next book in her line of literary products. She is the self-published author of the “Ballet & Jazz Dance Dictionary, A Compilation of General Terminology and Technique”. “585! The Number That Changed Our Lives” is Glorious Raine’s latest self-published non-fiction book derived from her experience of raising a child with Type One Diabetes and her time as a volunteer with the Phoenix Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Known today as JDRF). Currently she promotes ways to "NJoyPeace", a Love for self, and Nourishment for the Soul through her website and online presence where she writes and speaks about a variety of topics and shares honestly and ethically from the heart and personal experiences.