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Gori Suture

Hailing from the outskirts of Mayberry, North Carolina, Gori Suture has been writing fiction since she could hold a crayon. In addition to penning Grand Guignol style horror stories and audiobooks, she is also the creator of a hybrid genre of literature that melds metaphysical and visionary fiction with erotic horror for the purpose of spiritual advancement. Presented in a series of seven novels called The Paradox Chronicles, these books are allegorical, chronicling man’s pursuit of understanding God and the god within, juxtaposing eroticism and horror with metaphysical introspection for the sake of jarring the reader into an altered mental state. Additionally, as an occult theorist, Gori Suture is the mother of Modern Paradoxism, her interpretation of the mind-bending nature of God as Paradox, expounded upon in her book series The Color of Paradox, where she presents radical elucidations on color theory, Kabbalah, the Rosy Cross, the dimensions, and the gods.