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Gary L. Koniz

The Author Gary L. Koniz is a Freelance Journalist currently involved with many of the great Humanitarian and Social Causes of our time and with troubleshooting the developing crisis concerns of state as they affect us imperatively in the context of our Society and within the realm of our ambition and ability as a people Politically to resolve. He was born in Fort Meade, Maryland in 1946 and was raised and educated in The Mid-Hudson Valley Region of New York State. He served in The United States Armed Forces from 1964-1967 with The Army Corps of Engineers as a Heavy Equipment Operator and fought in The Vietnam War in 1966. After his discharge he was taken-in by Local 137 of the International Union of Operating Engineers and earned a B.A. Degree in English/Journalism working as a Heavy Equipment Operator. He also earned a Commercial Pilot License during that time with single and multi-engine land ratings and worked as a Charter Pilot out of Sky Acres Airport in Billings, NY.