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Craig C. Ryder

At a young age Craig moved into a predominately "Jewish" neighborhood. Being raised Catholic He enjoyed the contrast with Judaism. Because he was raised in a "Jewish neighborhood", he was exposed to aspects of Judaism that most Christians are never exposed to. The Christians do not have a complete understanding of it, applying their own culture to it and thusly misunderstand a LOT more than just the subtleties(if your not Jewish, how can you understand what it is like or what it means to be Jewish?). While attending Mass at his Church as a child, Craig caught an error during "The Readings" (that weeks CCD lesson) a simple omittion by the missalette publishing company removed the end of a parable.Unfortunately the priest made no effort to correct the oversight which meant that either he didn't see it or he didn't know any better. After Church, Craig raced home to the family bible to verify the oversight knowing Catholic Priests don't make mistakes!?)