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Behzad Mirkhani

Behzad Mirkhani (born May 13, 1969) is a guitarist and composer with a deep passion for exploring new musical landscapes. He holds a Master's degree in Music Technology from Southern Utah University (SUU) and has honed his craft under the guidance of renowned Austrian guitarist Prof. Dr. Leo Witoszynskyj. Additionally, he has enriched his theoretical foundation through studies at Trinity College London. Since 1993, Behzad has released a captivating collection of CDs and tapes showcasing his diverse compositions. These include guitar concertos, string quartets, orchestral works, and pieces for solo guitar and guitar with mixed ensembles. His music has graced numerous performances, captivating audiences worldwide. Behzad's artistic journey is fueled by a continuous quest for innovation. He actively explores new musical styles and experiments with the rich tapestry of traditional world music, weaving these influences into his unique sonic tapestry.