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Hollace M. Metzger

Poet and author of: 'Agάpe' (2020), 'OUT | TUO' (2018), '3VOΓVE' (2013), 'Eternal Story' (2011), 'Why the WilloW' (2010), 'Transcriptions of Time: The Collected Works' (2009) & 'Observing the Labyrinth From Heaven' (2007, 2008). - - Metzger began writing and performing poetry while working as an architect in New York City, before departing her native country in 2007, setting out to connect with similar minds, observe other cultures as a guest to them and, through observation, writing and photography, find deeper meaning in collaboration, connection and connecting, offline. - - Follow her travels, descriptive and intimate landscapes of life and love, her calls to move onward, to remain, and finding a new sense in what she found to comprise a sense of belonging, of what Home truly is or can be, in cities, suburbs, on islands and in the countrysides of the U.S. Mid-west, France, Scotland, Ireland, Alaska, Greece and Italy.