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Andrew McAfee

Andrew became extremely electrically sensitive (ES) in 2001 after moving into a brand new home with his wife. Charles Keen helped them identify the numerous wiring violations that caused the condition. Karl Riley worked with Andrew in their next two homes to resolve their new issues. Andrew's full time career as a professional musician (principal horn of the NC Symphony) became exceeding difficult to perform and in 2007 he left the NCS and joined the music faculty at UNC Chapel Hill. Through his RaleighES website, Andrew received many requests for help and his outreach began. His training continued in the field with numerous electricians while studying the works from in Basic Electricity, Grounding and Bonding, Understanding the NEC, and personally consulting with Dave Stetzer, Oram Miller, Sam Milham, Donald Zipse, and numerous other EMF consultants. He led the smart meter lobbying efforts at the NC Utilities Commission and was able to achieve a no-fee medical out-out.