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Christopher Bartlett

Christopher P Bartlett has been writing fantasy stories since childhood, but it was with his breakthrough novel, ‘Rendeth’, that he first achieved international prominence. Inspired by the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and developed over the following decade through his extensive travels in Europe, Asia and North America, ‘The Jalahai Saga’ is a four-book fantasy epic. In this series of books set on the continent of Sotramar, Bartlett seeks to bring contemporary issues of invasion and struggles for liberation to life. Originally hailing from Wells in Somerset, Christopher P Bartlett has spent time living, working and studying in Britain, the United States, Japan and Sri Lanka. When not working as a school teacher just outside of London, he enjoys travelling, taking in films at the cinema and being in the countryside. Suggested Reading Order 1. Rendeth 2. Kal and Tesa 3. Flight From Darkness 4. The Burning Sky 5. The Tides of Fate 6. A Vengeful Dawn 7. The Voyage of Marius Divinian