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Huckleberry Hax

Since March 2007, Huckleberry Hax has been a resident of Second Life, where he writes, builds and takes photographs. During his time in SL he has also become a popular spoken word performer and has read aloud from his and others' work at a range of venues, including Milkwood, The Blue Angel, Bookstacks, Cookie, Nordan Art, The Basilique and The Nancy Redgrave Building. He is co-editor of the poetry journal, 'Blue Angel Landing'. He has previously worked as a columnist for AVENUE magazine. His novels include the 'AFK' series (set in Second Life), 'The Day is Full of Birds' and 'Your Clothing is Still Downloading.' He also has a volume of poetry published: 'Old friend, learn to look behind you in the coffee queue' and a book of his collected articles about SL, 'Second Life is a place we visit.'