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Kevin A. Krall

In Christ Now is the teaching ministry of Kevin A. Krall. My mission, given by God, is to provide sound instruction into the message, method and means of understanding who we are, as Christians, In Christ. The ultimate goal is to help bring us all into a deeper and more personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In Christ Now majors its teaching on the three most important aspects of Christian growth: 1. Knowing who God is 2. Knowing what God has accomplished 3. Knowing who YOU are In Christ The importance of learning, understanding and knowing who we are In Christ, is the primary focus of my attention. As I believe it should be for all Christians. I believe God called me to write with a definite conviction of and towards truth, from a spiritual perspective. This is where I speak from and this is what I speak of, a divine place in the heart. In Christ Now, Kevin A. Krall