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Inge Meldgaard

Born in Denmark, I and my family migrated to Australia in 1957, where we lived in the small country town of Yallourn while my father worked as an engineer. After finishing high school, I moved to Melbourne to study science at Monash University, and have lived there ever since. I returned to study some years later, at Swinburne University, first to obtain a graduate diploma in sociology, and then later in information technology. Now retired, I worked in the IT field since graduating from Swinburne in 1989, and my last position was as a departmental IT manger with Monash University. I have used my academic and professional background to make my writing believable and the details accurate. I have a passion for the natural environment, as well as a lifelong commitment to social justice, and it is these interests, as well a love of both science fiction and crime mysteries, that led me to write the novels. Cats have played an important role in my life, and so are central to their plots.