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Kelly Griner

Kelly Griner has been playing the 5-String Banjo since 1994. After leaving the United States Air Force in 1993, Kelly moved to Champaign, IL and along with his friend Don Sheppard, began performing Irish Pub Songs wherever they could. From singing acapella to joining together with other musicians to perform on stage and in pubs, Kelly began a life-long journey of music. With a love for the music and sounds of Luke Kelly and Tommy Makem, Kelly began playing the 5-String banjo. From the 90's through the new millennium, Kelly performed throughout the Midwest as a solo attraction and as the founding member of Another Pint. While performing, Kelly began teaching his banjo playing style to anyone who asked. Kelly would sit knee to knee and ask for nothing in return, but a promise to pass on the gift to someone else. Now Kelly teaches frailing / clawhammer banjo at his website and publishes books to help others learn the basics and find their own sound.