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Jack E. McCoy

I'm at this moment nearing 60 years of age. 54 of those years I've studied and performed magic, I got my 1st magic kit when I was 6 my mother recollects. I've performed magic thousands of times to thousands of folk throughout my life span, including celebrities of various sorts. I've also had a passion my whole life of dissecting and reconstructing things and I've applied that to magic. When I see something magical, though as amazing as it might be, I'm immediately thinking of the nuances and the path it went and if there's other possibilities. My creations are in the hundreds and several have gotten critical praise. I'm respected by the magicians that know me or know of me but I'm fairly reclusive (S.A.D.). I'm not trained author and all my works are typed using Microsoft Word. I will happily say however, and many praise me for, I am very detail oriented and all my books have numerous images and diagrams to help the student along the way. Some illusions have 60 + photos taking you not only step-by-step, but inch-by-inch.